Why Reusable Water Bottles?

What’s so great about reusable water bottles?

One reusable water bottle can replace the 167 single-use bottles the average American buys in a year.

With our average life span soaring to 80 years old, you could theoretically save $17,290 in your lifetime with a reusable water bottle.

Thousands of disposable water bottles litter our county. How often do you see a reusable water bottle as litter?

Get the facts:

Billions of disposable water bottles become litter: 50 billion plastic water bottles were used in the U.S. last year with only 23-37 percent recycled.  (banthebottle.net)  The rest often end up in our parks and streams.

Disposable plastic bottles can take 450 years to decompose: They slowly release contaminants into the soil, water, and air.  (ECOwatch.com)

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink? Fairfax County’s water meets or exceeds EPA water standards. (EWG.org)

Is Bottled Water Just Tap Water in Disguise?   Twenty-four percent of bottled water sold in the United States is either Pepsi’s Aquafina (13 percent of the market) or Coke’s Dasani (11 percent of the market). Both brands are bottled, purified municipal water. (banthebottle.net)

Good quality reusable bottles are affordable and available.  More than three years of research were conducted to recommend different types of water bottles  ( http://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-water-bottle/).

Filtering Your Own Tap Water Saves a Bundle.  $80 gets you about 11 gallons of single-serving water bottles or a year’s worth of filtered tap water. (Excerpt from a today.com article titled “How to Flush Your Bottled Water Habit.”) With so many filter brands (Brita, PUR, ZeroWater, etc.) and types (pitcher, faucet attachment, under the sink, etc.) to choose from, a good place to start your research is choosykitchen.com, “Water Filter Reviews” by Kelly Burgess, March 2017.

Electrolytes can be added to water in your reusable bottle.  Gatorade and other brands of electrolytes are available in single-use packets and multiple serving canisters for use in reusable bottles. (Amazon.com)


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