Short Videos and Documentaries on Plastic Pollution

SHORT VIDEOS ON PLASTIC POLLUTION                                                     

Disposable Bottles

Plastic Water Bottle Pollution PSA Child’s voice; short and covers all main points.  2 minutes

What really happens to the plastic you throw away?  TEDEd “story” of three plastic bottles each with a separate fate: landfill, Great Pacific Garbage Patch, recycled   4 minutes

The Story of Bottled Water (2010)  Great black and white cartoon drawings. Some big vocabulary, but very watchable.  8 minutes


Plastic Bags

The Majestic Plastic Bag: A Mockumentary

Narrated by Jeremy Irons, follows one plastic bag from the shopping center to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch as if it is a migrating animal.  4 minutes


Plastic Litter

 Plastic Presentation Quick visual overview of the problem with some personal choice solutions. 2 mins.



Bag It: Is your life too plastic?  (2010)   1 hr. 14 mins.

An average guy makes a resolution to stop using plastic bags at the grocery store. Little does he know that this simple decision will change his life completely. He comes to the conclusion that our consumptive use of plastic has finally caught up to us, and looks at what we can do about it. Today. Right now.


A Plastic Ocean (2016) 1 hr.42 mins.

In this adventure documentary, Journalist Craig Leeson teams up with free diver Tanya Streeter and an international team of scientists and researchers, and they travel to twenty locations around the world over the next four years to explore the fragile state of our oceans, uncover alarming truths about plastic pollution, and reveal working solutions that can be put into immediate effect.


Trashed (2012) 1 hr. 38 mins.

Jeremy Irons sets out to discover the extent and effects of the global waste problem, as he travels around the world to beautiful destinations tainted by pollution.


Plastic Paradise: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch  (2013) 57 mins.

Chronicles Angela Sun’s personal journey of discovery to one of the most remote places on Earth, Midway Atoll, to uncover the truth behind the mystery of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Along the way she encounters scientists, celebrities, legislators and activists who shed light on what our society’s vast consumption of disposable plastic is doing to our oceans — and what it may be doing to our health.



Videos on Plastic Pollution