Why Recycle?

Recycling is a good idea for so many reasons. It creates jobs, is an important part of how we manage waste, and is the law in Virginia. However, most people are motivated to recycle because it is so good for the environment. Recycling reduces or prevents potentially harmful emissions to air and water, saves energy and natural resources and serves to protect the health of residents and the Fairfax County environment. When you recycle, you are practicing good environmental stewardship.

All residential and nonresidential properties in Fairfax County are required to recycle mixed paper (includes junk mail, newspaper, cereal boxes) and flattened cardboard. Those with curbside collection of trash and recyclables are also required to recycle glass bottles and jars, metal food and beverage containers, plastic bottles and jugs (with necks) and yard waste.

Below are some helpful links from the Fairfax County website related to recycling programs and activities. Read on and find out what you can recycle locally.

Fairfax County’s Recycling Program: official website for trash and recycling in Fairfax County. This is where it all begins!

Announcements and Events: latest news about recycling and trash.

Program information:

Types of Materials: how to recycle everything from computers to packaging peanuts!

Drop-off Centers: find the location nearest you.