Johnie Forte, Jr. Memorial Environmental Education Grant

Clean Fairfax and Fairfax County Recycling Program Grants for Area Schools and Environmental Clubs

Fill out the application at the bottom of this page. Application Deadline for 2017-2018 School Year: OCTOBER 30, 2017

PLEASE NOTE: To ensure that Clean Fairfax has received your application, please send an email to Clean Fairfax and let us know you sent it. We will confirm receipt by sending you a copy of your application within one business day of submission.

Johnie Forte, Jr. was a valued member of the Board of Directors at Clean Fairfax Council. He believed that litter prevention and recycling are extremely important to the quality of life in Fairfax County, Virginia.

The Johnie Forte, Jr. Memorial Environmental Education Grant is open to all Fairfax County Public and Private Schools and clubs and programs that reside in schools.

Grants between $250-$500 are available to Fairfax County Schools and Environmental Clubs to carry out proposed environmental projects involving sustainability initiatives, litter prevention and control, or recycling, reuse, composting, etc. Clean Fairfax Council encourages sustainable projects that can be continued beyond the grant period and projects require an end-of-year report on progress. If you would like to apply for a grant and you have not sent in your end-of-year report from last year, you may do so here first.

* Funding for these grants is dependent on external funding sources and Clean Fairfax reserves the right to fund fewer grants and at lesser amounts if needed. *

Please note: If you are asking for recycle bins for your school classrooms, please include # of bins requested and desired size.

All requests must include an itemized budget! All projects must be completed by the end of the school year unless more time is specifically requested. Projects which are awarded grants are invited (but not required!) to present their program results at SpringFest 2016.

Applicant Information