Community Clean Up Program

One of the most important aspects of Clean Fairfax’s work is the community cleanup program. In the spring and the fall the Council supports county wide cleanups by individuals, groups, schools, churches, and businesses.

Thousands of volunteers participate in these cleanups each year and we invite others to join or plan their own! We will fill your order and send the supplies to the government center nearest you or directly to a public school.  If you are not sure which Government Center is closest to you–you can check here!

To plan a cleanup just pick a day, gather a few volunteers, select a site and let the Council know of your plans. We will send you supplies on a first come, first serve basis. These supplies include 30 gallon trash bags, clear bags for recyclables, safety vests, safety tips, and any other supplies that we might have to support the cleanup. We will fill every order to the best of our ability depending on quantities available. ALL ITEMS ARE FREE OF CHARGE! Please try to give us 10 business days to get your supplies to you.

NOTE: If you are a school group simply select “Government Center” as your pick up location but we will Pony the supplies to your school. Thanks!

Clean Up Application


PLEASE SAVE AND RE-USE YOUR VESTS AND GLOVES! (The gloves go right in the washing machine!)

Please let us know how many volunteers you had, and how many bags of trash you picked up, as well as any other information you’d like us to have about your clean up. Knowing how much trash volunteers are picking up helps us when requesting funding, which in turn provides all these services and supplies to you, free of charge! Thanks!

PLEASE!!! Allow 2 weeks lead time to get the supplies to you. You may also arrange to pick up your supplies at our office at Government Center.

Clean Fairfax Council
12000 Government Center Parkway
Suite 458
Fairfax, VA 22035

703-324-5471 •

After you complete your Community Clean Up, please come back here and fill out a Clean Up Report form to let us know how it went.