The Adopt-A-Spot program is a cleanup project of Clean Fairfax Council which encourages citizen participation in litter cleanups of designated areas in their community at regular intervals. Individuals, organizations, and businesses may agree to keep a designated area, other than a highway, cleared of litter for a two-year period.

In exchange, volunteers are given materials to help them with the cleanups and a sign bearing their name to be posted in the area. At the end of the two-year period, the volunteers will receive a special certificate of appreciation and may renew their agreement.

Adoptable locations can include parks, vacant lots, parking lots, walkways, median strips, streets, campuses, public grounds, bus stops, and other littered areas.

For more information, please contact the program office at 703-324-5471 or email at cfc (at)

Adopt-a-Spot Agreement (.pdf)