Clean Fairfax Presents…

Is your organization planning speakers and events for the year? Consider having Clean Fairfax come share ideas about environmental stewardship and urban sustainability: WHAT WE CAN BE DOING INDIVIDUALLY AND COLLECTIVELY TO KEEP FAIRFAX COUNTY CLEAN AND GREEN.

Clean Fairfax presentations are interactive and can run anywhere from a 20 minute introductory session to a two hour hands-on workshop. Content can be adjusted for children or adults.

Our table exhibits show some of the environmental problems we face here in Fairfax County and how reusables can make a difference.

Contact for more information.

Remember: You can have a bigger positive environmental impact by working with your

  • HOA
  • School
  • Scouting group
  • House of worship
  • Social organization
  • Club
  • Business
  • Non-profit organization
  • Etc.


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