Keep Virginia Beautiful 30 in 30 Grants

From our friends at Keep Virginia Beautiful:

KVB is proud to bring back our very successful and highly anticipated “30 Grants in 30 Days” program.  We would like to thank our generous sponsor for 2013; Lowe’s Home Improvement.  Without them, these grants would not be possible!

The 2013 “30 Grants in 30 Days” program  is once again designed to help communities, schools, parks, neighborhoods, and civic groups battle Virginia’s environmental issues on the front lines.  These grants are categorized in 3 areas; (1) Litter Prevention, (2) Recycling, and (3) Beautification and Community Greening.  Thirty grants of $500 will be awarded to 30 geographically different areas around the Commonwealth within the 3 categories, to be dispersed amongst small to large communities, schools to universities, city parks to state parks, civic clubs to environmental groups.  These grants will be awarded in the 30 days of June.

So, if you are a scouting group, a homeowners association, a school, a club and you want a little seed money to work on litter prevention issues, promote recycling, or to add some beautification to your community, apply! If you need any technical help, please let Clean Fairfax know, and we’ll be happy to help you with your project!

More information on the grant program, and the application can be found here!

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