Easy Ways to Go Green: #10 – Pay the Earth-Friendly Way- Online!

It’s safe to say that paying bills is one of the most hated tasks we have to do in our every day life; it’s up there along with spending time with the in-laws and picking up after the dog. You spend hours grueling over the tedious task and for what? To make sure you handed over all your money correctly. While we all despise paying bills for the stress increaser that it is, we’re not the only ones damaged. If you still pay your bills the “old-fashioned way” via paper mail, you are contributing to our planet’s already dwindling forests’ demise. Fortunately for the trees, an increasing number of financial institutions offer bill pay online, which can also save you time and money.

By choosing to pay your bills online, you avoid paper, stamps, envelopes, and the fossil fuels used to transport the mail, which are all contributors to our damaged environment. Paying online asks of nothing that is harmful to our Earth.

Companies such as Bank of America, BellSouth, Citibank, Qwest, South Carolina Electric & Gas, Southern California Edison, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Wells Fargo and Washington Mutual offer online bill pay.  Many colleges across the country offer the luxury to their students in order for them to pay tuition, avoiding the hassle of receiving paper bills and paying by mail, while also saving their schools hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in paper, postage and administrative costs.

Not only does it save you money, but it also benefits the company itself.

Nick Rini, a columnist for Telephony, a trade magazine for communications service providers, stated, “One advantage of paperless billing, is that companies can get paid faster than when they must print, fold, stuff, meter, sort and mail paper bills.” Rini estimates that, in the U.S. alone, companies could save $200 million collectively each day if they switched to paperless billing. – About.com

The verdict is out and the ‘conventional’ method of bill paying is guilty. If you’re still stuck in the past paying your bills via paper mail, it’s time to get with the program and move along towards the future- and the future is looking green. :)

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