springfest-save-date-2015The mission of Clean Fairfax is to encourage environmental stewardship and urban sustainability in Fairfax County, Virginia through education, programming, and community involvement. Clean Fairfax seeks to reduce littering and to encourage recycling, reusing, and reducing consumption, promote community action by supporting clean-ups and adopt-a-spots and serve as a clearing house for environmental information in Fairfax County.

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This past year, Clean Fairfax supported over82 neighborhood Clean Ups with 2200 volunteers working over 2343 volunteer picking up over 325 cubic yards of trash! We visited 13 schools (mix of middle and elementary schools, with the County’s Department of Public Works and Environment Services); 4 adult social organizations; 1 Supervisor’s Cable show, 1 teacher training program;  2 calls-to-action on saving rare plants; 1 statewide panel discussion and produced the wildly popular SpringFest boasting over 5000 attendees and 25+ environmental organizations representing. Through our Johnie Forte Environmental Education Grants we funded retrofitting drinking fountains to fill water bottles; a project to use school kitchen scraps as compost and program that creates rain barrels to water a school community garden; a plastic bag recycling program that partnered with TREX; a project establishing and emptying large recycling bins for school playing fields; and  project to create an after school Environmental Club curriculum to be available to anyone who would like to use it. Clean Fairfax accomplishes a lot–for a non-profit office of one person! But we could do so much more with just a little bit of funding from you. Our goal is to raise enough funds in the next year to be able to hire a part time person who is dedicated to working in the schools and churches and day cares, educating the County’s children on environmental issues such as recycling and litter prevention.



Wondering how you can keep Fairfax County Clean, Green and Sustainable? Adopt-a-spot in your neighborhood, or adopt a highway! Organize a clean up, educate yourself and your family and neighbors about recycling. Please see our announcement regarding our Report-a-Litterer program. Advocate for your community by being an environmental steward. New Educators’ Resources Available, and we’re adding to it all the time and always looking for feedback. SpringFest Fairfax 2014 information can be found at our SpringFest site! Save the Date: SpringFest 2015 April 25, 2015     Donate Securely Online